New Facebook Fan Page Changes

The New Facebook Fan Page Changes

Facebook announced it’s changes for Fan Pages for businesses today. I upgraded mine and the changes look pretty good.

Here are some details about the new changes:

You can now switch over easily from your profile and interact as your page, rather than just yourself.  This makes it much easier for you  to comment on other business pages (not just personal profiles).  This will bring a lot more brand recognition when posting on other Fan Pages. (This particular feature is my favorite)

You also now (finally) have the ability to change your business category. Previously, you were stuck with the original category you chose when you created the page. And FB has added new categories that will help you better target your market.

And now you also have the ability to get updates of interaction on your page, including new likes, which makes monitoring your Page and Fan interaction a lot easier.

The navigation tabs have been moved down along the left hand side of the page.  Facebook says we will like this better and that it’ll be easier for your visitors to navigate. (My first impression is “considered…Denied!” I prefer them at the top.)

Here’s the announcement from Facebook on the changes. Go ahead and make the switch. It’ll become automatic on March 1st.

Check out my updated page here.

And here is another post with more details on the changes.

Good Luck!
And always feel free to hit me with any questions you may have….


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